VDM1/2 - Screens Rights
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VDM Screen rights are based on :

Joomla user types
Virtuemart perms

1- Import additionals Virtuemart perms (auth-group) :

- Download : www.virtuemart-datamanager.com/vdm/auth-groups.csv
- Use import feature to import perms (auth-group).

2- Create users

Note : Users with joomla type (Administrator or Super Administrator) have all access.
For specific level :

- Create joomla user with type : Manager
- In virtuemart -> admin -> users -> select user -> shopper information -> permissions select perms.

all permissions are defined here :


Joomla Type VM Perms Categories/products Orders Customers General Stats Report Import
Manager Manager-prod x
Manager Manager-order x x
Manager Manager-customer x x x
Manager Manager-general x x x x
Manager Manager-stats x x x x x
Manager Manager-report x x x x x x
Admin/ Super Admin * x x x x x x x
Manager Manager-onlyprod x
Manager Manager-onlyorder x
Manager Manager-onlycustomer x
Manager Manager-onlygeneral x
Manager Manager-onlystats x
Manager Manager-onlyreport x

Note : With VDM2 you need allow access to Manager and Admin in SOA Component

SOAP for virtuemart 2.0 - Rights


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